Our Team



Clifford D. Curry President

Cliff Curry, President and founder of CGi Technical Services, has been involved in the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing and inspection industry for over 38 years.  His experience includes operations and staff management; project management, marketing, and estimating; asphalt concrete design and forensic analysis; and testing and inspection during construction of bridges and roadways, parking structures, civil service facilities, and many other projects throughout the western United States.


Azeddine Bahloul Vice President, P.E., G.E., Sr. Geotechnical Engineer

Azeddine Bahloul is a Senior Engineer with over 18 years of experience in the geotechnical engineering field. His experience includes consulting and forensic engineering in California and Arizona. His responsibilities have included engineering and design, project management, along with quality control/quality assurance. Azeddine is an experienced engineer in the field of geotechnical engineering and is familiar with the current technologies available in this field. His education includes research and development in liquefaction and limit state design as he worked towards his graduate and doctorate degrees.


Vikram Kyatham Operations Manager, P.E.

Vikram holds a bachelors & master’s degree in civil engineering specializing in material characterization; specifically, pavement & construction materials.  He has been involved in research projects in the area of moisture induced damage in flexible pavements & mechanistic modeling of hot mix asphalt mixtures. For the past 6 years he has been involved in practical application of hot mix asphalt mix design & placement, & the testing & inspection industry. His experience includes testing & inspection during construction of state and federal highways, airports, & roadways throughout northern California & S. Oregon. His responsibilities as an engineer include geotechnical analysis, material research & design, laboratory testing of construction materials, field observation & special inspections including soils, concrete, masonry, hot mix asphalt, & high strength bolts & bolting.   

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Jose Corrales Project Manager, PhD.

Jose Corrales holds a master’s and a doctorate degree in civil engineering with an emphasis on pavements and materials. As part of his research, Jose has worked on the modeling of dynamic modulus of asphalt mixture to characterize the mechanistic response of several different materials and components of a mix. His background includes 8 years of asphalt pavement research and laboratory design/testing of materials in Nevada, Hawaii and Costa Rica; combined with 2 years of project management, inspection and quality control for both state and federal projects in Costa Rica, Hawaii and Northern California.”


Sherrie Curry Business Resource Manager

Sherrie has over 20 years experience in the finance industry.  She is responsible for managing CGi's office staff, human resources, new hires, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchases and advertising.  She has been with CGi for over 8 years and continues to add support to the team to insure they are working in a safe and healthy environment.


Tanner Jones QC Supervisor, Field and Laboratory Technician

Tanner is a field and laboratory technician for CGi Technical Services. Tanner has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry on numerous Federal and State public works projects throughout California, Nevada and North Dakota. Over the past few years he has been the lead quality control inspector on Federal highway construction projects. His responsibilities as an engineering technician have included field observation, special inspections and laboratory testing of construction materials. He is knowledgeable in different highway construction and rehabilitation techniques such as Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and Cold In-Place Recycle (CIR).  Tanner’s certifications include ACI Grade I,  and Caltrans DOT Inertial Profiler operator.


Theodore Kinsey Laboratory Manager

Ted is lab manager for CGi Technical Services. He has been involved in construction industry for the last 22 years. His experience includes numerous commercial buildings, industrial projects, and public works highway and airport construction projects throughout Northern California, Nevada and New Mexico. His responsibilities as the laboratory manager include maintaining accreditation with ASSHTO(AMRL and CCRL) and California Department of Transportation(Caltrans). His duties also include laboratory testing of construction materials, supervision and training of field and laboratory technicians, and maintenance and calibration of equipment.


Shane Ames Field & Laboratory Technician, ICC Inspector

 Shane is a field and laboratory technician for CGI Technical Services. Shane joined CGI in 2018 with 15 years experience as a construction and building inspector. He holds certificates in International Code Council (ICC): Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector.  American Concrete Institute, Grade 1.  Nuclear Radiation Certification for Moisture/Density Gauges.  Various Field & Lab Certifications.


Tristan North Field & Laboratory Technician